Electrical Power Substation

As we know, these days energy transmission and distribution importance, undoubtedly is not less than power generation. In other hand in this step using the best solution with least losses and easy operation is one of involved engineers concern.so the electrical substations play crucial role to improve power quality and efficiency. practically the power electrical substations are classified three categories.

Electrical Power Substation

Generators outgoing voltage is limit because of its manufacturing limitation and needs to increase their voltage in order to economical transmission.so is required to make substation to increase voltage in power generation centers that are far away from the loads and consumption.
Required voltage of consumers and loads has to be reduced up to desire level. this voltage reduction done by distribution substations in several steps.
There is no voltage conversion in these substations though their task is connection of different grid line with each other.

Electrical equipment and parts

Main electrical equipment and parts are used in steel & metal industries are as follow:

  • Switchgear such as busbar, electrical panel, circuit breaker, disconnect switch, lighting arrester, CT & PT
  • Power transformers, ground transformers and auxiliary transformers
  • Compensation systems such as Reactor & Capacitor
  • Auxiliary electrical installation such as lighting, grounding and impulse lighting protection systems.
  • Control center room, protection relay room, battery room, diesel generator room and store.