Retrofit solution

The power electricity business is becoming more developed and because of energy request among industries, the demand for electricity is still increasing around the world. In accordance with annual growth of electrical power demand and direct relation between uninterruptable power requirement and profit of investment in each industrial plant, all network owners, and also industrial electricity customers actually express their intention to remain at the cutting edge of cost efficiency in the highly competitive energy this condition weak infrastructure with poor life expectation leads to unforeseen downtime and prevent the efficiency and reliability of network. main and significant elements of power grid need to be equipped with updated standards and operator convenience facility. This is especially true with switchgear that plays vital role in network adequacy and efficiency. the end of their service life cycle has enormous effect in desire technical characteristic. In absence of active product, complete replacement of switchgear takes long and considerable time and also puts heavy burden on budget. Retrofit enables us to going ahead with the minimum power interruption which means replacement of any old or obsolete circuit breaker or protection relay with innovative, modern equipment. Retrofitted and modernize Circuit Breaker brings with itself safety, reliability and hinders new investment and its time. retrofit is one of the most significant our service work for LV & MV circuit breakers and switchgears. retrofit breakers are normally used to replace phased out by current production versions. they are mechanically and electrically engineered to adopt to the existing solution on site. Our service experts conduct site audits on existing installations to assess the condition of equipment, recommend the proper solution and support the right investment decision.

Retrofit Advantage at a glance

  • Minimized downtime for upgrade with retrofit kit
  • Increased security of energy supply
  • Lower investment compared to complete switch gear replacement
  • Providing safer and more convenient condition for operator
  • Increasing system reliability and availability

Retrofit process contains four steps:









Petro Foulad Bahman retrofit process

We are fully capable to implement circuit breaker retrofit by well-known circuit breaker and switchgear manufacturers instruction such as ABB, SIEMENS and Schneider Electric regarding to safety and reliability issues. Based on your request we offer cost-effective and reliable solution for all brands with minimum power supply interruption by usage of every part of existing obsolete circuit breaker such as arm, truck, mechanical interlock and contact system.