Spare parts and Consumable

You can rely on our well-trained teams to give you professional and original components. occasionally you even need a spare part for making sure your system long term availability. using spare parts gives you the guarantee of fastest possible delivery, to reduce your downtime and increase your profit.
This company, while fully familiar with the barriers and with all aspects of precise engineering, provides a safe and secure way to order such equipment. There is also a possibility to review and present a solution for introducing an alternate Manufacture.

These spare parts are included:

  • LV & MV circuit breaker mechanism, contact, pole etc.
  • Grease contact and lubricant
  • Pressure gauge and indicator
  • Interrupter

Vendor List of Oil Ministry

Please be noted, we successfully managed to enter in the Vendor List of Oil Ministry (long list of National Iranian Oil Company) which the list is reachable in "" and by entering national code of Petro Foulad Bahman Which is 10320741327 is accessible.