We are living in a developing world. Population growth means growing demand for water, food, energy and raw ‎materials and therefore we need guidance and ‎coherent planning to meet this demand. With growing population, it comes increased demand for energy, and the world's ‎population will face water shortage sooner or later. Fossil fuels have not ‎only already changed the climate and caused severe air pollution, but also, ‎they don’t seem to meet our future needs caused by ‎population growth and decrease of our supply for these fuels. We in ‎Petro Foulad Bahman Industrial Development have felt the need to search for new sources of ‎water and energy for economic development is a necessity and we are pursuing that in design of these new sources, ‎at the end of the day we have no way but to minimizing the environmental impacts. We are here at ‎Petro Foulad Bahman Industrial Development are doing our best to provide the best technical, ‎ecological and economic solutions through integration of ‎environmental infrastructures into man-made superstructures. We committed that ‎our solutions should be consistent with today and future demands ‎of human being.
Petro Foulad Bahman Industrial Development has been in this business for nearly 10 years and ‎with our capable staff, we are able to offer services in connection with ‎infrastructures of development in energy supply including ‎all types of hydroelectric, fossil fuel, CHP power plants, ‎renewable energies, optimization and operation of power ‎plants, transmission and distribution such as power ‎transmission lines, high voltage substations and ‎distribution networks, water resources, water desalination ‎plants, water & wastewater treatment, water supply, ‎stabilization and optimization of hydraulic structures, metro, transmission of gas and oil derivatives, and environment.‎‎


Petro Foulad Bahman by utilizing technical knowledge of engineers and skilled experts and by using Commercial and engineering teams is active in the field of designing, Engineering, procurement, installing, tests and running industrial projects for various industries such as Mining, Power Plants, Steel, Oil and Gas. Petro Foulad Bahman using high standard engineering principles based on international criterion.
Our main customers are mainly big public and private industries and organizations, so by considering these facts it is our duty to provide products and services with highest possible quality with most economic solutions. Gaining the trust of our customer is a goal for us and it is very important to build a good reputation in the current competitive industry market and with the help of these elements we sure that we could gain more market share every day.
Some of criteria and standards which we committed to fulfil are as follow:

• Compliance of the provided products and services with national and international standards and completely in accordance with the needs of our customers with the focus of international standards.
• Carry out our contractual obligations on time and by providing engineering consultation.
• Utilizing appropriate methods, tools and equipment by using technical books and software also by obtaining representation from reputable companies and manufacturers around the world and most importantly by improving the services and process constantly.
• Increasing the knowledge of the company and company’s human resources through internal and external educational programs.
• Enforcement of labor laws, safety, occupational health and all the relevant current national law regarding the affairs of employees during the services.
• Reducing the operating costs, avoiding the luxury with the ultimate goal of reducing final price and getting more customer satisfaction.
• Constant improvement of communication with customer and using their feedbacks in order to improve services.

The responsibility of the implementation of the system is on the senior management of the company and all the management team and staff committed to cooperate actively in establishing and maintaining the system. The management representative is obliged to continuously monitor and improve establishment, functions and effectiveness of the system in certain time intervals and make a progress report in order to enable senior management to take necessary measures to improve the system and prevent any inconsistency in the heart of the operation. ‎‎